Tram Chim – 100 Birds

If you are ready to go local, see some of the hottest girls in town, drink some beer and have a good time, Tram Chim is the place for you. I posted it both under bars and restaurants because “beer garden” style restaurants really are the local style bar.

The name is pretty cool, it basically means “100 birds” or “a lot of birds”.  And… you can definitely find that here.  The girls are pretty hot, beer is 15,000 VND (less than $1) and a bottle of Smirnoff will run you 250,000 VND.  There are some great dishes here too if you want to eat some relatively “Westernized Asian” style food.  One problem here though for those of you who speak no Vietnamese is it’s gonna be hard to really meet up and chat up any of these girls as their clientèle is mostly Vietnamese and they barely speak English. Even though I can chat it up a little, I still keep pictures in my phone of things I want to eat or drink to make sure they don’t make mistakes on my order.  FYI — BIG traveler’s tip, that is a great way to go in a foreign country.  A picture is worth a thousand jacked up renditions of someone’s language, which, you typically do every time you talk using someone’s mother tongue.

If you plan on going here more than once, just remember, money talks.  If you tip 50,000VND ($3), expect little attention from that girl or her friends.  If you look over and see a bald dude with 4 girls around him, figure he’s dropping 200,000VND ($11) per girl minimum.  Since food and beer for four will probably only cost $10-$15 each that $20 in tips is probably not a bad investment.

Other things to keep in mind about Tram Chim is it’s primarily outdoors. You can get a room with AC and a TV (i’m not sure if that’s extra cost) but, you will lose the amazing view.  Optimal arrival times would be 1:30pm for late lunch so you can witness the shift change from day to night staff or, 8:30pm so it’s cooler.  Stick around til closing time at 10:30pm and see if you got game and can get them to go to Lush or somewhere like that with you. Your best bet is probably Gossip because I’m pretty sure the girls get a kick-back from the club for bringing in peeps… Vietnam is all about the business!

I’ve heard that there are some take home girls there, but, I don’t know ANYONE first hand who has actually done it so it may just be rumor.  I hooked up with ONE girl there in my year + of going so it’s definitely not that easy, but it was worth it! I have gotten quite a few of them to go out and party with us though and that’s always fun.

The Low Down

  • Pricing — $3-$5 per dish
  • Atmosphere – 8/10 (I’d rate it much higher on just girls but it’s pretty hot)
  • Food – 8/10
  • Service – 6/10
  • Entertainment Value – 10/10
  • Address – 303 Diện Biên Phủ Street – District 3
  • Phone – 089307982

Recommended Dishes

  • Salt and Pepper Ribs
  • Fried Squid
  • Fried Tofu
  • Chicken Wings
  • Fried Rice
  • On Choy (not sure if i spelled that right)
  • Spring Rolls

§ 7 Responses to Tram Chim – 100 Birds

  • Ethan says:

    Yo Jugs and Beaks, you have an awesome blog. A few buddies and I are coming to Saigon for a few days vacation. Do you have any must hit up recommendations? Do you think it would be a good idea for us to get a private driver for the four days we are in town? We are getting into Saigon on 12/9. Many thanks!

    Please feel free to email me at Thanks

    • thejughunter says:

      congrats on making the trip… tuesday ladies night at Lush (2 ly tu trong) is great. Dai Nam Massage is a good 24 hour spot. le Duyen 4 is a great day massage spot. I’d definitely go to Tram Trim, cheap beer and cute girls. VIP karaoke on nguyen dinh chieu street (i think its 386) is good if you’re into that (lots of cute girls).

      It’s also well worth taking a trip to Vung Tau. lots of fun down there, 1 hour boat ride.

  • Ethan says:

    awesome thanks for the tips. If you are interested in coming out to party with us just let me know. It would be great to have the master show us how to do Saigon the right way.

  • thejughunter says:

    I’m actually stuck in the US until the 11th so i won’t be back in SGN until the 13th. Probably do ladies night that night though if you guys are still around

  • Ethan says:

    ah bummer, well have fun in the US and thanks again for all the advice.

  • jesse says:

    i was there in 68 and 69 and it was only a small village are we talking about the same tram chim??

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