6B Karaoke

6B Karaoke is a fun little spot.  One cool thing about it is there is a little club downstairs as well and across the street is the Napoli cafe and bar so there are quite a few options of things to do with one short taxi stop.  I usually have a good time there although, i’m not a huge fan of the girls.  My friends seem to like the selection more than I do.  The music selection is pretty good actually if you like to sing.

The Low Down

Price: $100 + for bottle and snacks
Address:  6b Phan Ngoc Thach, District 1
Ambiance: Mid Range, not bad
Girls: 7 /10 rating


§ 5 Responses to 6B Karaoke

  • Tony says:

    Are the girls here working girls?

    • thejughunter says:

      i’d say 50/50… karaoke girls are usually kinda different in the mid to high end places. they are opportunistic working girls usually. Not blunt like the gogo style bars in thailand. they may want to do coffee first and get to know you. very rare they hook up without money on their mind unless you live in town and could be a relationship opportunity.

  • Johnny says:

    50/50 eh? So this means from your experience not all Karaoke girls are prostitutes? If they don’t do prostitution then how do they earn their income? Through tips? Currently dating a chick right now who used to work at 6B for a few months. Asked if she ever did prostitution and denied it and said she never needed to as she hustled for good tips from the customers (hard to believe and feels suspicious since it is Vietnam).

    • thejughunter says:

      yup… i’d say 50/50. definitely not all karaoke girls are prostitutes. tips can actually be pretty good these days. the mid to high end places are getting 500,000 VND tips and doing 2-3 rooms per night so they def don’t need to have sex for money. it’s not unusual for girls to work in karaoke for a bit then quit as it’s definitely taxing with all the drinking they have to do. my advice on girls in VN is treat them like a jigsaw puzzle. no one piece is clear but, as long as you keep your eyes open the picture becomes clearer with each new piece you find. while you’re putting it together, just be careful with your spending.

  • Johnny says:

    Thanks man great perspective and up to date! Got a personal email for correspondence? You got mine perhaps email me instead? Thanks brother!

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