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I went back to the states for a month and I think that’s what got me in a writing funk as there is next to nothing to do in my hometown.  I happened to see Coolio at my buddy’s bar and that was probably the most god-awful thing i’ve ever seen.  Well, until I went to Shampoo in Manila last weekend.  I did take a trip to Vegas and the Rehab party at the Hard Rock was cool but it’s so far lost in my drunken memory that i can’t write much on it.  I have started collecting business cards as I figure a scanned version would be a nice touch for you guys to download and give to cabs.  I will get an admin to work on this and will get them all scanned in once I figure out how best to organize.

Since my last post I went to:

Hua Hin – Thailand — this place is quiet.  A few bars, some really nice (but not cute girls) and one amazing Italian restaurant called Lo Stivale located at 132 Naresdamri Rd right across from the Hilton.  I can’t say enough about this place, old skool Italian guy cooking up a storm.  If you want a relaxing trip with a decent beach and a little fun to be had, Hua Hin is not a bad place to go.  Bar fines are really cheap and it’s just real laid back and friendly.

Vung Tau – Vietnam — If you want to hit up a local style beach and have a lot of bars to party and find girls, Vung Tao is the place.  It’s a quick 1.5 hour boat ride from Saigon so you can easily bolt over and do 1-2 nights.  If you want a decent cheap hotel, check out Vitamin C located at 18 Nguyen Truong To Street – The number is (+064) 3553 738.  There is a wild karaoke / massage place called the Pacific Club located at 4 Ly Tu Trong street.  You can get a karaoke room, get wasted, then go over to massage and, well, you know… I didn’t think too highly of any of the bars.  They were ok, but all pretty much the same, fun, drunk nights with decent girls.  Good place to party, not a place to find top talent

Bangkok — Hung out on Soi Cowboy a bit as well as Soy 33.  BKK is, well, BKK.  Found an awesome bar called Mojos on Soi 33.  — — girls were smoking, food was good, live band, not a bad combo.  I also highly recommend the IStyle Trend hotel which you can book on  Top notch and i paid < $50 a night.

Angeles City — Ah, yes, i went back with my boy Big Mal and his even bigger boy, E.  3 nights there almost killed me.  I pretty much stuck with a few spots again, Atlantis, Forbidden City, Genesis, and few others i can’t remember.  This trip caused me to want to change the name of my blog as my new motto is Two Bitches and a Bottle — And it’s affordable in Angeles!  I stayed at the Wild Orchid because everything was sold out and it was weak.  For $100 a night the only good part was the pool.  The service sucked, food sucked, and they are putting additional floors on the building so it was extremely loud from noon til 10pm.  My sleeping hours!

My boys are in Pattaya now so I”ll try to get a guest post out of them.  Next month i’m headed to Guangzhou for the Asia games and possibly Bali so I’ll be sure to get more posts going.  I have a lot of pages to update in my business section so I”ll be primarily working on that until November.

peace love and happiness will all happen if you get out of the US


Manila – Broke My Pocket Book and Much Much more

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cute asian girl

looking for an angel, found the devil

I really wanted to meet normal girls, other than my hot ass receptionist from the hotel named Jewel, so we hit the hot spot known as the Fort which is home to a few high end hot spots like the Embassy night club.  On a Monday night though it was like crickets over there.  We did stop and get a quick drink and some dessert at Cafe Puccini which is some awesome food. I’d been to the Fort a few times before but it had always been on the weekend and always was pleasing to the eye. Sadly, that was before my blogging ambitions so I don’t have much about those nights documented.

Figuring there was no chance to meet a good girl on  Monday night, we decided to head out to Asian Entertainment.  Of course, taxi drivers are the ONLY people who can’t really speak much English in Manila so we ended up at the wrong place! Being the easy going guys we are we decided to try out this Edsa International Entertainment Complex.  For those who have been to Thailand or Singapore, Edsa is very similar to Nana Plaza or Orchard Towers (fondly known as the four floors of whores).  Edsa is a nicer version of the “gogo bar” / mall concept. Three years ago I was so shocked when I first laid eyes on Nana Plaza.  Now, it just all seems normal.  Being my last night in Manila, I definitely wanted to throw down so I started doing double Vodka Soda drinks with two little cuties named Rose and Rita. We popped into 6 or 7 spots and they all are really about the same.  Music is a little different, some are slightly themed, some bigger than others, but at the end of the day, this was really nothing special.  If you want to see a write up on all the bars, this guy seems to have done a pretty good job here.

Eight shots in I was pretty lit and having a good time with my two new friends who, surprise surprise were professing their love to me.  My doubles were running 360 pesos ($7.50 USD) and the girls drinks were 190 Pesos ($4 USD) so my bill was going up pretty quick.  Typically when buzzed i like to talk business so I had my little cutie told me some of their economics:

  1. Girls make $150 a month salary
  2. Girls keep 50 Pesos per drink ($1)
  3. Typical tip is about 100 Pesos ($2.50) — I never tip less than $5 an hour personally…

My boys were both bored so we decided to seek out our original destination. Turns out it was only a few minutes away so our cabby made out with the 100 pesos he was asking for.  The first thing that struck me about Asian Entertainment is they were VERY serious about cameras, taking not only my camera, but all of our cel phones as well. The mommy seemed really friendly at first explaining the various fees, showing us some girls, talking up a storm.  That quickly went south though as after we ordered a bottle and had our first drinks they brought us receipts to sign, one being for 1950 Pesos for a cover charge, which, they neglected to tell us about.  At first I was a bit heated and wasted 7 minutes of my life lecturing the mommy on customer service and full disclosure… TIA though (this is asia) and, at the end of the day, there is little to no service, they are out for the moment not long term business relationships so, you just have to throw your hands up, realize they have you by the balls and you’re about to get fucked.

So, I did what the 48 Laws of Power author Robert Greene recommended, turn your enemy into your ally.  Realizing we were pot committed having opened the bottle already, I pulled the mommy aside, gave her a 500 peso ($10 USD) tip and told her that I understood what she was going through and that I hoped she understood me.  It worked like a charm.  One of my friends was too irritated and went home, 1 bottle later, my other boy and I were lit and mommy was bringing over some of the hottest girls in the place.  Since they took credit cards, it was on… 2 hours, $300 and 1 karaoke room later I was banging this dime and loving every minute of my decision to befriend mommy.  We closed the joint down and mommy (Julie Chavez is her name) hooked us up with her personal cabby who ended up taking care of us through til our 7am flight.

I HIGHLY recommend Asian Entertainment if you have the money to spend there.  The service was amazing.  With a dime on each arm, I didn’t even mind the guy massaging my shoulders then asking for some tip later.

The night ended with me first trying to get a mobile unit from P Burgos to give me a blow job in the cab on the way to the airport.  She agreed for 1000 Pesos ($22 USD) but the cabby was a bit hesitant as it was light out and the cops were out!  I was totally lit still when we rolled into the airport, hitting on custom officials and fellow passengers with no discrimination for age or beauty.

Not Your Typical Saturday Night in Saigon

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Interesting Party Concept in Saigon

I woke up late on Sunday angry because i thought i missed the Laker’s game.  Called my girl, she said, “is it Sunday” (meaning, is the game on Sunday) and i responded, “i’m so stupid, today is only Saturday”… She was confused but I was so convincing I had her believing it was still Saturday… Then i realized, there is no way an all day pool party could have been on Friday night?  Anyway, that’s how messed up we got the night before!

A week before i saw this post for a pool party.  Sounded interesting but, I was a bit wary as those are usually expat central which means, lots of loud foreigners and typically much uglier girls.  My buddy hit me up though on the day of and suggested we check it out.  I was like, “are you kidding, it’s raining”, to which he responded “what else are we gonna do?”.  At 5 in the afternoon on a Saturday, it was a point well taken.  So, we rolled out there, paid our 250,000 (about $13) VND to get in and checked it out… What didn’t surprise me was there were almost no people there.  The pleasant surprise was that out of the 50 people there, 35 were probably girls!  The other nice thing was a bottle of SKY Vodka with 4 chaser cans was only 450,000VND ($23).  Say no more!  We posted up on some lawn chairs under a tarp, chatted up some of the PR girls and had a pretty fun time.  There was supposed to be a bikini contest which we never saw.  Typical in Vietnam, they schedule a million things for an event, then, everything is either late, or just doesn’t happen.  The highlight of the night was my buddy picking up our waitress and jumping in the pool… Good times.  I don’t personally know the guys who threw this event, but, you can keep up with them online, info below.

We left there about 7:30pm, went back to my place for a quick shower and, of course, some Hangar Lime for the road, then headed off to VIP Karaoke where we had an expiring bottle.  If you’re staying in Vietnam for an extended time, keep an eye out for the expiration dates on any bottles you leave as they are usually 1 to 3 months. VIP Karaoke is a bit on the upscale side.  Nice, pretty classy.  The girls sit with you and drink but are typically not take home girls.  If you’ve got enough game, you might be able to talk them into going out with you… Getting a phone number is par for the course so don’t get too excited about that.  Most places the girls make money when you book a room/table with them so, expect them to call you.  You know you got game if they actually go hang out with you and don’t just call to say “i miss you, i want to see you, you come here”.

One more bottle later, my buddy talked me into going to X Club, a hot, trendy, local Vietnamese style club.  Loud techno / dance music is par for the course at these places.  Girls are pretty hot but, it’s a bit hard to meet them as they are usually in groups and, if they can afford to go there are either prostitutes or have some guys footing the bill.  We had a couple bottles already so it was all to the good.  The place is expensive though.  Chasers are about $4 each can, bottles anywhere from $80-$300 each.  Fruit plates and things of that nature will really add up too so if you’re on a budget, be careful what you are ordering.

Venue Details

Wet and Wild Pool Party –

VIP Karaoke

  • Address — not exactly sure — on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street about 1 block from Cach Manh Tang 8

X Club (also known to the locals  as 030 (khong ba khong)

  • Address: 58, Ton That Thiep Street, District 1

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