Saigon Goes High End

January 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Over the last year Saigon has been on this trend of opening up high end establishments.  From what I’ve seen so far, most of them haven’t done too well.  High end is not really my thing as it pains me to spend $10-$20 on a drink but, sometimes you gotta just step up and enjoy.

The Martini Bar at the Hyatt is one high end place that has now lasted over a year.  If that’s your thing, definitely stop by Thursday through Saturday as there are some hotties.

Last weekend we did a little Bui run, then took a couple of girls to the newest hotspot in town, Chill.

Most normal local girls haven’t been to Chill, nor have they ever seen anything quite like it yet so if you’re reading this post with any timeliness, it’s definitely a way to score on a date as there is no doubt they will be impressed.  The outdoor bar has an amazing view of the city and there are plenty of “corners” to snuggle up with your girl…

So if you’re willing to spend some loot to run some game, i suggest you grab your favorite massage or karaoke girl and Chill


Cebu City til Sunrise

May 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

I had read a bit about Cebu City.  if you want a “directory” style review of all the nightlife, I found a great site –  — The only thing I wish is that this guy made it easier to see what he really likes to do… You basically have to look through all the entries to figure out which spots might be ok.

When I first looked at that site, I thought Mango Road was going to be something like a mini- Angeles City or even P. Burgeous street.  But… It’s not.  For a beach town though, it was a pretty fun little place.

I only had one night there so we basically bounced up and down the street peeking into each spot. For the most part, they are all about the same.  The only bad experience we had was at a place called Love City.  I was reading the review on it here just now and it cracked me up… He said “The clientele is mostly Japanese and Korean, you don’t see a whole lot of foreigners in there.”   Last I checked we were in the Philippines so that would make Japanese and Koreans foreigners…

Anyway.  The KTV at Love City probably would have been fun, the girls were cute, seemed pretty cool and the price wasn’t too bad.  Keep in mind, Cebu is pretty cheap, so when you read other reviews, they probably consider a $100 tab expensive when, for me and two other guys, we still consider that cheap… Problem here though is they try to rip you off… They told us there was a bar minimum of about $50… Bottle was about $50 so we said sure.  But then, they wanted to tack on another $40 for girls drinks even though they drank out of the bottle.  I was pretty lit already so we just took the bottle and left.  I had to take a leak real bad, couldn’t find the bathroom so I just relieved myself in one of their many VIP rooms!  I figured my overpriced bar tab could cover their cleaning fees!

Now… onto the good!  We had some awesome Italian food, and a real good time at Sisters, Eric the Red, and Vikings.  By the time we ended up bar fining some girls, I was so wasted that i can’t even remember which one of the above it was from.  The consistent thing i found was that it was pretty cheap (bar fines were 1800 pesos or about $40), drink prices weren’t bad and the girls were pretty friendly everywhere.  Being based out of Saigon and having spent a lot of time in Manila, I’d say these girls were average at best.  Coming from a guy that has had many hot girls, I’ll take average with fun personalities any day of the week.

We got out of the bar with two girls each at about 3am.  One of the girls mentioned clubbing and for some god-forsaken reason, i thought it to be a good idea.  We crossed the street over to Mango square and went to the first club we found.  They hooked us up with this cool balcony VIP area for 1500 pesos $35 US  (1 bottle). We partied with our six girls, taking turns getting lap dances and regular dances with all the girls.  They were fun… One of my two gave me a hand job while the other one fed me appetizers!

My boy 69 (he’s 6’9) and I decided to go up onto the elevated dance floor and dance with some of the civilians in the joint… at one point it was just the two of us and about 15 girls (literally) alternating grinding on us.  It was fun…  So fun that when we finally left the sun was out.  I’m not talking about red sky sunrise, i’m talking about all out bright sun was up!  Red Bull and Vodka makes me sin!

Turned out one of my girls was bi-sexual which was the first time I’ve had a threesome with that added benefit…. I HIGHLY recommend it!

I’m back… Moalboal – Cebu Philippines

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve decided that work really is not worth me neglecting my beloved blog… URL might be moving soon, but will keep you all posted on that.

fun little bar in maolboalThe year has been great and i’m hoping to get some backlog entered as I’ve had some good trips to Seoul, Phu Quoc Island, Angeles City and Cebu.

What’s amazing about Asia to me is you can go to the quietest town with a population of 2 and still manage to have a damn good time…

Over the last few months I’ve had an interesting phenomenon occur.  Business is going ok, I’ve got some great managers in place now, so I’ve found myself with a ton of time… I started using my time to work out more then screwed up my shoulder so for the last few weeks I’ve just been feenin things to do.  It seems like a great problem to have but i realized it can get quite boring when you’re friends are all working!

Three days ago I got a call from my homie  from Korea. He found out he had a couple extra weeks vacation and decided that since there was a direct flight from Seoul, a Cebu trip was in order…  I looked at it, decided since Pacquiao was fighting, the NBA playoffs was on (the PI has a 24 hour basketball channel) and I love the beach, I might as well just join him!

One thing I really hope to do with this blog is remember my experiences and point you in the direction of places that don’t suck.  I say that because my buddy was reading up on Maolboal and some blogger wrote it’s the spot to drink – dive – relax – in that order… Well, if you’re thoughts around drinking are sitting around 4 small bars listening to drunk expats tell stories about how facebook, twitter and microsoft are all branches of the CIA (this is no fucking joke! I listened to this guy swear he can produce proof that CIA operatives run each company and he proceeded to liken Bill Gates to a figurehead along the same lines as Ronald McDonald).

I digress — So to put it in a the proper perspective, Moalboal is a place to DIVE – RELAX – DRINK. The diving is awesome, it’s a beautiful place to relax, and you can have some drinks at the bar.

With that said, I have had a blast for four reasons:

1. I’m here with one of my best friends in the world.  We don’t see each other much and this place has given us a lot of time to chill all the way back, have some drinks and talk shit… The 2nd day here we started out for lunch at the 7 Sins bar. After our lunch, my buddy’s dad showed up and ordered as well.  One thing to keep in mind about this place is it moves SLOW.  If you are from NYC and expect fast service, I suggest putting in a mouthpiece to keep from biting your tongue as it’s not gonna happen here.  Pop’s lunch took about an hour to arrive.  2 hours later, we were still at 7 Sins, shooting pool, talking shit, and one bottle drunker!

2. There is something to be said for small town fun. I think there are 4 bars here, maybe 5.  The Beach Bar, 7 Sins, Chili Bar and Pacitas.  Each bar will have 2-3 average girls and, possibly one above average girl working.  Each place we hopped into on Friday had a fun, chill vibe.  By the end of the night, we’d met every diver in town who likes to drink, we met every girl in town who works at the bars, every bar owner, and we managed to meet a group of nurses who popped in from Cebu city.  The common denominator with EVERY person we met is they asked us, are you going to the disco tomorrow!

On Saturday night, Pacitas does the “disco”.  It’s literally a one night a week club night. spectacle.  It’s actually a decent (for small town standards) club night with two rooms, DJ and beautiful deck overlooking the water. So we checked it out and EVERYBODY was there… There is something to be said for a town that’s like a family.  How many places will you go in your life where the owners extend tabs to strangers and offer to go out and change your money for you?

3. Everybody needs to relax.  If you are one of those types who are running on 90% most of the time, take 2-3 days and come to a place like this.  The water crashes up against the side of the hotel room, there are no cars, the food is excellent, and there are hardly any TV’s in town.

4. No matter where you go in Asia, you’ll always find some girls 🙂  Now, I can’t claim that a bagged a Jessica Alba look alike, but, I can say, if you want to get a little something something, it’s there for the taking.  You’ve got two choices, game up a cute nice girl who works behind one of the 4 bars and take advantage of the fact she’s hoping for marriage (not my favorite thing to do for morality purposes — yes, those of you who don’t like prostitution should really evaluate your other options for one night stands as it’s not often you meet girls who are simply down for that without carrying other hopes and dreams) , or… Wander around late at night (watch out for the lady boys) and magically, they appear! The first night I was so hammered that I barely remember how it all went down… But, basically a tranny was trying to pick me up, I said no thanks, asked for a girl, and there she was… She wanted me to go back to some room but I refused as even in a place like this you never know.  So we went to my hotel (Sevedra Beach Resort, no TV as an FYI, 1800 Pesos a nigth, oceanside), had a little fun, and she was on her way…She asked me how much, I suggested 2,000 pesos and she was happy as could be.

The next night was even worse than the first from an alcohol perspective.  We took down a bottle of $5 rum, had a grip of vodka red bull, tequila, jaeger, and then some Apple Rum at the DISCO! whoo hoo… man from what i remember it was off the chain (mild sarcasm).  But, on the real, it was pretty fun.  We met up with our diver homies, saw the nurses, met some girls from Denmark, made out with one of the girls from the bar, hung with a family, i mean literally, everyone was there.  By the end of the night, my buddy had a plateful of pork skewers and i was hemmed up by this girl I’d been dancing with for an hour.  She wanted to go back to my room so I obliged….

FULL DISCLOSURE, my recollection of her was that she was NOT cute… When all was said and done, she was ready to go, i was damn near passed out and she asked me to give her some money.  Two problems with this, one, I had to lecture her on the business ethics of full disclosure.  Two, I had no money! One thing to know about Moalboal is that there are NO ATMs within 1 hour of the town.  Only the hotel takes credit cards.  Being the sweetheart she was, she offered to extend me a line of credit for 1000 pesos. (this made me realize i was far too generous the night before with the other girl)

Sunday came and it was the Pacquiao fight.  Worst fight I’ve ever seen due to Mosley running around the ring the whole time.  If you come to the PI, keep in mind two things, they are very religious so Sunday is a quiet day unless you’re somewhere like Angeles City.  When Pacquiao fights, it’s like a national holiday… So, we couldn’t even get a car to go get money from the ATM!  Sunday afternoon, the restaurants kindly extended us a line of credit and we will be sending money back with the driver…

What a place…. I love it, and am also glad I’m leaving after 3 days as I’m a city boy at heart!

Stay tuned – We’ve got a big night planned in Cebu City tonight!

Not Your Typical Saturday Night in Saigon

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Interesting Party Concept in Saigon

I woke up late on Sunday angry because i thought i missed the Laker’s game.  Called my girl, she said, “is it Sunday” (meaning, is the game on Sunday) and i responded, “i’m so stupid, today is only Saturday”… She was confused but I was so convincing I had her believing it was still Saturday… Then i realized, there is no way an all day pool party could have been on Friday night?  Anyway, that’s how messed up we got the night before!

A week before i saw this post for a pool party.  Sounded interesting but, I was a bit wary as those are usually expat central which means, lots of loud foreigners and typically much uglier girls.  My buddy hit me up though on the day of and suggested we check it out.  I was like, “are you kidding, it’s raining”, to which he responded “what else are we gonna do?”.  At 5 in the afternoon on a Saturday, it was a point well taken.  So, we rolled out there, paid our 250,000 (about $13) VND to get in and checked it out… What didn’t surprise me was there were almost no people there.  The pleasant surprise was that out of the 50 people there, 35 were probably girls!  The other nice thing was a bottle of SKY Vodka with 4 chaser cans was only 450,000VND ($23).  Say no more!  We posted up on some lawn chairs under a tarp, chatted up some of the PR girls and had a pretty fun time.  There was supposed to be a bikini contest which we never saw.  Typical in Vietnam, they schedule a million things for an event, then, everything is either late, or just doesn’t happen.  The highlight of the night was my buddy picking up our waitress and jumping in the pool… Good times.  I don’t personally know the guys who threw this event, but, you can keep up with them online, info below.

We left there about 7:30pm, went back to my place for a quick shower and, of course, some Hangar Lime for the road, then headed off to VIP Karaoke where we had an expiring bottle.  If you’re staying in Vietnam for an extended time, keep an eye out for the expiration dates on any bottles you leave as they are usually 1 to 3 months. VIP Karaoke is a bit on the upscale side.  Nice, pretty classy.  The girls sit with you and drink but are typically not take home girls.  If you’ve got enough game, you might be able to talk them into going out with you… Getting a phone number is par for the course so don’t get too excited about that.  Most places the girls make money when you book a room/table with them so, expect them to call you.  You know you got game if they actually go hang out with you and don’t just call to say “i miss you, i want to see you, you come here”.

One more bottle later, my buddy talked me into going to X Club, a hot, trendy, local Vietnamese style club.  Loud techno / dance music is par for the course at these places.  Girls are pretty hot but, it’s a bit hard to meet them as they are usually in groups and, if they can afford to go there are either prostitutes or have some guys footing the bill.  We had a couple bottles already so it was all to the good.  The place is expensive though.  Chasers are about $4 each can, bottles anywhere from $80-$300 each.  Fruit plates and things of that nature will really add up too so if you’re on a budget, be careful what you are ordering.

Venue Details

Wet and Wild Pool Party –

VIP Karaoke

  • Address — not exactly sure — on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street about 1 block from Cach Manh Tang 8

X Club (also known to the locals  as 030 (khong ba khong)

  • Address: 58, Ton That Thiep Street, District 1

Weekend In Pnom Penh

June 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Man, the only way to describe the last weekend in Phnom Penh is ROUGH.  It all started with a bottle of Hangar Lime that we easily downed half of prior to even getting to the city.  For those who haven’t tried Hangar Lime Vodka, you really should.  I’m a connoisseur of sorts having spent 7 years in the night club business and, I can confidently say that hands down, it’s be best

Back to the trip… This time we took my car to the border and my buddy picked us up.  In the past I have taken the bus, Mekong Express, for about $11 one way which really wasn’t a bad experience.  Can’t really beat a road trip with the fellas though with your own beats bumping.  It’s about a 5 hour trip including a short stop at the border, 6 hours if you go by bus.  Flying from Saigon to Pnom Penh is an option too but, that’s gonna cost you a couple hundred bucks at least.It’s one of the few SE Asia flights that is still expensive.

I stayed at the Lux Riverside hotel which is about 1 year old, SUPER nice for only $30. (correction, $35 to $40 now)  I haven’t stayed anywhere else in Phnom Penh and i don’t really have too much desire to try.  It’s that good.  The Lux is located right by the water and on a street with a bunch of expat bars.  My two favorites are Oasis and 69 bar (correction, Dream 2, Club Blu and down the strip, Rose).  Oasis is much more mellow, 69 can get pretty wild going into the night.  Stay away from Candy Bar unless you like ugly chicks and super sleezy tourists.  Our first stop was Oasis where we did a little $2 happy hour action.  Oasis was pretty chill as always, chatted up a few of the staff, then headed to a karaoke bar called Star Palace.  This was the first time i’ve tried Karaoke in PP and, from what i remember it was pretty fun!  Girls were cute, definitely more expensive. As with most places, girls were pretty much all take home.  $50 bucks was the going rate which, is about double most places.   My friends ate as well and said it was pretty good, especially liking the Chicken Wings.

I decided to bar fine my girl.  I don’t remember the cost but, what i do know is that 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, food, and bar fine came out to about $175.  Next up, hopped in the Tuk Tuk and headed to the Naga World Hotel and Casino to a live music bar called Darling Darling.  Watch out a little for the Tuk Tuk drivers as they always try to charge you more.  Always ask the rates first, then offer then about 1/2.  The Filipino bad was good as usual, we got a nice little table and a bottle of Sky Vodka.  That bill was about $80.  Yeah… this night money went fast.

At this point is was only about 11pm so we went to a club called Heart of Darkness.  Two level place, pretty crowded. There is no cover charge here and i think the drinks were reasonable.  My buddy met some tourist girls so, we ended up doing some tequila shots which was probably the end of me.  This bar was full of girls, most of them prostitutes was my guess.

I’m thinking the influence of Red Bull kept us going.  My buddy wanted the not so sweet variety from the US so he was pretty psyched that I’d brought a couple cases over.  Somehow, with three more girls in tow, we ended up rolling some Tuk Tuk’s down to a place called the Prime Lounge.  Prime was nice, but, pretty quiet.  It was fun for us as the DJ played whatever we asked and we had our own company.  For any desires beyond that, i wouldn’t recommend it.

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