Barrio Fiesta

I found heaven… I’ve been looking for some good Filipino eats for four days, specifically chicken adobo.  My boy even had his little chicky make us some homemade back in Angeles City.  I knew right away when she said she could cook it quickly it wasn’t going to be good.  Years of dating Filipina girls back in the US taught me that slow cooking the meat in that amazing sauce is the only way to go…

Barrio Fiesta was definitely the spot.  I was alone so i could only try two dishes, the Chicken Adobo and the Pancit Bihon.  The portion sizes were pretty big so i wasn’t able to come close to finishing. They had some post on the window talking about singing waitresses but I didn’t see any of that.  Granted, I ate at an odd hour, around 3:30pm since, I didn’t wake up til 2!

The Low Down

  • Address:  Cor. Valdez St, Makati Avenue, Makati City
  • Phone – 899 4020 or 899 4021
  • Price – 200 to 500 Pesos a dish ($4 to $11 USD)
  • Atmosphere – Family style (i think)

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