69 Bar

I wish I took some pictures, but I’m sure I’ll get to it on a subsequent trip with the iPhone 4 which has flash… I love 69 bar.  It seems pretty high pressure when you first get in which really turned me off, but, no girl has ever asked me for a drink there, a tip or a bar fine.  Gotta love that.  my boy was getting a 10 hand massage on our last visit (yeah, that’s FIVE girls).  Not all of them are cute but, there are a few diamonds on the fairway. I like this bar so much that I typically bar fine 4-6 girls at a time and take them dancing, usually ending up with two back at the hotel.  When you roll into 69 expect to be attacked by girls, but, don’t be shy, they are girls for God’s sake!  When you see a couple you like, pull them in a bit closer and offer them a drink.  The other ones will either chill or leave.  If you really want to have fun, for $7 bar fine a few of them and go out to eat or hit up a dance club.  Guaranteed good night. They have a TV and will pretty much play whatever music you like so it’s a fun place all around.

What I also love about it is it’s across from the only hotel I know, the Lux Riverside (it’s the only one you NEED to know)

The Low Down

  • Address — Not sure, but, on 136 street close to the water
  • Price – $7 bar fine, $2-$3 drinks (happy hour til 9pm), $4 girl drinks, $25-$30 if you want to do the dirty, negotiable with the girl
  • Ambiance — Eh… It’s ok, pretty casual, def not high end

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