Chill Sky Bar

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Chill Sky Bar opened towards the end of 2011 and really took nightlife to a new level.  It is a hybrid venue with restaurant and live music inside with a plus outdoor bar that plays house music and modern cuts.

If you’ve been to Vegas and experienced places like the Ghost Bar, this is on par.  On a Friday or Saturday night you will see all kinds of models and actresses hanging out with their sugar daddies.  It’s become the goto spot for richer foreigners to take their girls as well.  Not too easy to pick up here as single girls just can’t afford the price tag.

I’ve read the chef  is an Aussie named Andy O’Brien who has worked as a personal chef for Madonna, Bon Jovi and The Who.

Bernardo, the head bartender is supposed to be a legend as well and has worked for stars including Sir Paul McCartney, P Diddy, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg.  Not sure why these cats are in Saigon as I haven’t met them yet but, kinda cool the city is getting that type of talent.  It definitely shows as the venue is well done.

The Low Down

  • Address – 26 & 27th Floor Rooftop, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, D1,
  • VIP – Call Loc – +84 93 888 4877
  • Atmosphere – High End
  • Dancing – sort of… no dance floor but peeps dance anyway
  • Dress Code – no shorts or sandals
  • Web –
  • Price – Expensive — $150 + for a bottle.  $10-$20 per drink at the bar.

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