Coffee Bean Metro

Coffee Bean is one of my favorite coffee shops.  When it first opened it was expat central, but, the locals seem to have taken over, which, is a good thing in my book. A Carmel Ice Blended is the perfect treat with this hot-ass Saigon weather.  Rarely do I see anyone, other then my strange friend drinking hot coffee here.  Show up around 8pm and the place is packed.  It’s a rare night that you don’t see at least 5 models strolling through. By chance, I sat next to one of the local movie celebs the other day.  The food is pretty average, but, who goes to a coffee shop to really eat anyway.  There are a variety of Western style treats like muffins, bagels, and cookies (the cookies suck though).  I love the Eggs Ben and the Chicken Ham and Cheese sandwich is a nice snack.

There is ONE serious drawback to the Bean though and that is there is only ONE bathroom in the place so, if you have caffeine running through your bladder, you may want to go next door to NYDC!

The Low Down

Price – $3-$5 for a coffee, tea and most food dishes
Atmosphere – 8/10  (knocked down cuz of the coffee)
Girls – 8/10 – great to look, hard to meet
Address – 235 Dong Khoi
Website –


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