Cebu City til Sunrise

May 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

I had read a bit about Cebu City.  if you want a “directory” style review of all the nightlife, I found a great site –  — The only thing I wish is that this guy made it easier to see what he really likes to do… You basically have to look through all the entries to figure out which spots might be ok.

When I first looked at that site, I thought Mango Road was going to be something like a mini- Angeles City or even P. Burgeous street.  But… It’s not.  For a beach town though, it was a pretty fun little place.

I only had one night there so we basically bounced up and down the street peeking into each spot. For the most part, they are all about the same.  The only bad experience we had was at a place called Love City.  I was reading the review on it here just now and it cracked me up… He said “The clientele is mostly Japanese and Korean, you don’t see a whole lot of foreigners in there.”   Last I checked we were in the Philippines so that would make Japanese and Koreans foreigners…

Anyway.  The KTV at Love City probably would have been fun, the girls were cute, seemed pretty cool and the price wasn’t too bad.  Keep in mind, Cebu is pretty cheap, so when you read other reviews, they probably consider a $100 tab expensive when, for me and two other guys, we still consider that cheap… Problem here though is they try to rip you off… They told us there was a bar minimum of about $50… Bottle was about $50 so we said sure.  But then, they wanted to tack on another $40 for girls drinks even though they drank out of the bottle.  I was pretty lit already so we just took the bottle and left.  I had to take a leak real bad, couldn’t find the bathroom so I just relieved myself in one of their many VIP rooms!  I figured my overpriced bar tab could cover their cleaning fees!

Now… onto the good!  We had some awesome Italian food, and a real good time at Sisters, Eric the Red, and Vikings.  By the time we ended up bar fining some girls, I was so wasted that i can’t even remember which one of the above it was from.  The consistent thing i found was that it was pretty cheap (bar fines were 1800 pesos or about $40), drink prices weren’t bad and the girls were pretty friendly everywhere.  Being based out of Saigon and having spent a lot of time in Manila, I’d say these girls were average at best.  Coming from a guy that has had many hot girls, I’ll take average with fun personalities any day of the week.

We got out of the bar with two girls each at about 3am.  One of the girls mentioned clubbing and for some god-forsaken reason, i thought it to be a good idea.  We crossed the street over to Mango square and went to the first club we found.  They hooked us up with this cool balcony VIP area for 1500 pesos $35 US  (1 bottle). We partied with our six girls, taking turns getting lap dances and regular dances with all the girls.  They were fun… One of my two gave me a hand job while the other one fed me appetizers!

My boy 69 (he’s 6’9) and I decided to go up onto the elevated dance floor and dance with some of the civilians in the joint… at one point it was just the two of us and about 15 girls (literally) alternating grinding on us.  It was fun…  So fun that when we finally left the sun was out.  I’m not talking about red sky sunrise, i’m talking about all out bright sun was up!  Red Bull and Vodka makes me sin!

Turned out one of my girls was bi-sexual which was the first time I’ve had a threesome with that added benefit…. I HIGHLY recommend it!


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§ 2 Responses to Cebu City til Sunrise

  • Sam says:

    Just came across your blog, great stuff. I’m an American living in Singapore – headed to Vietnam for the Holiday weekend – you around Saigon tomorrow night?

    • thejughunter says:

      man, really sorry i didn’t get back to you on this. Somehow I missed this comment in my inbox and just saw it when i logged in.

      Hopefully you had a good time while you were here. I’m headed to singapore myself next month although it will be with the little lady so I doubt i’ll be getting into much trouble.

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