Atlantis by Day

Atlantis by Day

So far, my favorite bar in Angeles City. this two level club has what I’ve seen to be the finest collection of girls in town.  You’ll see 50 girls on the dance floor, 50 girls up on the bar and another 50+ roaming around the club.  Waitresses are pretty cute too.  Drinks are standard, 95 Pesos ($2 USD) and 150 ($3.50) Pesos for girls drinks.  They aren’t pushy at all like the clubs back in Saigon or Bangkok so you’re not gonna get hit up too badly for drinks.

They have a cool balla special, 2800 pesos ($60 USD), you can get a bottle of tequila and they will give you a nice table and 28 girls will come take a shot with you.  They have another one for 7800 pesos ($170 USD) where EVERY girl in the place will come over and have a drink with you.  I’m rollin on a slight budget this trip so next time I will try it out and let you all know how fun it is.

Bar fines here are 1500 Pesos ($32 USD) or 3000 Pesos ($64 USD) depending on the girl.  They are identified by tags, white is the cheaper variety, green is the more expensive.  If you got enough game, get a number and get them to come over after work so you can skip the bar fine.  Atlantis is about 4 blocks from McDonalds on Fields.


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