Coffee Shops

Cá Fê Sữ Đá

Coffee Shops are one of the primary forms of entertainment for the local Vietnamese.  There are a variety of types of coffee shops from Truong Nguyen which has great coffee and is pretty chill to Windows 4 which is more of a party atmosphere.

If you’re looking to set up a first date, 9/10 times the girl will recommend going to coffee.  Most likely, although they won’t mention it in advance, they will bring 2-3 friends and expect that you buy food and drinks for all.  Some get offended by this, personally, I’m happy to feed.  The most it’s gonna cost you is 400,000 VND to 500,000 VND ($22 – $30) for a full out meal and some fruity drinks.

Here are a few of my recommendations based on what you feel like doing.

  • Coffee Bean – Metro location is hip, outdoor seating, good western style coffee.  Only downside is there is just one bathroom which can get annoying on a busy night when caffeine is running through your bladder.
  • Highlands CoffeeSaigon Center
  • Terrace Cafe – Saigon Center
  • Windows 4
  • Trung Nguyên Coffee –
  • Sao Café

I’m going to make it a point to check out some of the newer places which, would be good to surprise someone with and, maybe a little more cozy for snuggling up… Updates coming soon…


§ 2 Responses to Coffee Shops

  • Tony says:

    Do you know where I can find internet cafe with separate room in Saigon, and how much would it cost hourly ?

    • thejughunter says:

      If you mean private rooms with computer, i’ve never heard of anything like that here… Most hotels though like the A&Em have good internet for free and the rooms are $30 a night.

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