VIC stands for Very Important Customer… That is exactly how you will feel here. VIC is probably the bar with the best looking take home girls in town.  You will regularly see some pretty high rollers heading there to have a good time.  The owners are cool, girls are smoking, pool tables are nice, etc…

One thing to be a little wary of at VIC is the extra charges.  They bring you little things like peanuts, dried shrimps, etc… If you don’t want it, send it away or you will b paying for it.  Typically, they charge about 75,000 VND or $4 for one girl’s drink which you pretty much have to buy if a girl sits with you.  Good thing is they don’t press you for much more.  Have fun with the girls, gamble on pool and, if the girl likes you, she will probably go home for a fee.  There are no bar fines here, girls can’t go out before 12:30am unless you get in with one of the mommys…  Keep in mind, these girls do not HAVE to go home with you from the bar’s perspective so don’t feel bad if they don’t go on the first night.  I’ve seen people get rejected before and it just happens.  Price you gotta pay for quality, they aren’ t doing everyone 🙂  Girls will probably want around 2,000,000 VND or $105 USD if they do decide to go home.

Address – 55 Ho Xuan Huong


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