Hot Lips FAMILY Karaoke

Hot Lips Karaoke

Hot Lips Karaoke

This had to be the most classic name I’ve encountered yet in Asia.  Not sure exactly how Hot Lips, girls and alcohol mix with family, but who am I to say!

Located on the side of the Dong Da Cinema / shopping center is Hot Lips karaoke.  From what my buddy told me, it’s owned by some Singaporean business guy which explains why it’s super clean inside yet, still kind of off with the English 🙂

Our room had a great sound system and 50 inch LCD which was sweet for watching football a bit prior to getting loaded and singing! Girls were cute and quite friendly, staff was nice and not push.  Bill for 3 peeps was about 2 million VND ($110 USD) for a bottle of vodka, some fruit and some chasers so it’s not one of the cheaper places out there. While there are definitely places to go with hotter girls, this was a nice mix of friendly, cute and fun and the service definitely makes it a place i’d go back to.  Shoot, if nothing else, pop in a dvd to that sweet screen and sound system and cuddle up with a cutie.  I bet you never thought of doing that at Karaoke 🙂

The Low Down

Price: $100 + for bottle and snacks
Address:  890 Trần Hưng Đạo
Ambiance: High End, very nice
Girls: 7/10 rating


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