Can I Slap Your Kids?

June 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Best Way to Ruin a Meal

This is the second day this week I’ve been aggravated to death while dining. It started with a few screams from the corner as I was ordering my chicken sandwich. A quick glance revealed a birthday party of about 20 + kids. Now, at this point, they hadn’t gotten their food yet so it wasn’t too bad, but, they were sitting pumping sugar into their veins gulping down their cokes. I didn’t think too much of it, went back to my seat and joined my 4 other friends. We proceeded to eat a pretty sorry excuse for Cajun style food. If you do feel like fast food in Saigon, and, insist on going to Popeyes, stick with the very basic chicken thighs or drumsticks. Beyond that, it was basically garbage. Chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, and seafood mix were all pretty bad unless you like unflavored grease soaked food.

Towards the end of the meal, I heard this super loud explosion and was sure terrorists were going after the new Vincom center. Suffice to say, it was just some kids popping their balloons. Within minutes, there were swarms of them around us, bumping into our chairs and knocking balloons onto the middle of our table. All the while, the parents just sat as if nothing was going on. The Singaporean manager looked like he was about to have a heart attack. All I could see in his eyes were thoughts of caning this little rodents.

As we got up to leave, this one little girl was staring us down. For a minute, I thought I saw the Vietnamese version of Bebe’s kids. No sooner than we were out of our chairs did i see what she was really after, it wasn’t our wallets, it was our Coke! Yes, she proceeded to quickly pounce on our table, anticipating the arrival of the boy who had asked 10 times already to clear it in the middle of our meal.

So, just a little warning. If you haven’t been to China or Vietnam, you will quickly learn that parents exercise NO control over their children. Be prepared to be beat down, yelled at and just plain abused by all children you meet on your journeys to these two countries.


Cackling Hens Make For a Terrible Lunch

June 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I went to bed last night at 4am working with clients, checking out the new iPhone, chatting with friends back home.  If it wasn’t for tennis this morning I probably would have pulled an all nighter as a new episode of Breaking Bad was available to download.  Suffice to say after an hours of tennis in the sun after next to no sleep, I wasn’t in a great mood but, I did have a lunch appointment with one of my managers at the Dragon Hot pot.  Much to my chagrin, our table upstairs was situated next to about 15 Malaysian chicks.  This would normally be great, except for the fact it was some strange mix of old and young, goth and Muslim, with a common denominator, LOUD and UGLY.  These chicks were all rocking black, 1/3rd with matching black head wraps.  One had a hair do that resembled Billy Idol.  It was bad.  Every 5 minutes felt like New Year’s 1999 at an animal shelter full critters deathly scared by the fireworks. To top it all off, the upstairs is a mezzanine, which gets filled with smokey air from the hot pots below.  For some reason I could not comprehend, the staff said they couldn’t turn on the ceiling fans so I was definitely hot and uncomfortable.

So, i can’t really give a great review as even a minor delay in service was the cause of a major headache.  The food was ok.  I’ve yet to find really good teriyaki here so, with that as the bar, I’d say the teriyaki lunch set is worth having.  I”ll probably go back again during off hours, sit downstairs, and stay far away from any sign of Malaysian women.

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

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