Bars and Clubs

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There are lots of bars and clubs in Saigon.  For simplicity sake, I’m breaking them out into three categories — For those who haven’t read my blog much, I tend to like middle of the road to high end spots so, you’re not gonna find many write-ups here for backpacker style travel.  One of these days I might just add a list for Pham Ngũ Laõ street which is where a lot of that stuff exists.  This is not an all inclusive list, just the places I tend to like and, I think you will too!

Local Bars / Live Music

  • Bui (the Lodge is the English name) – live music
  • Tram Trim –  not really a bar, but, a great place to drink and eat.  Some call it the Vietnamese hooters
  • Napoli
  • 17 Saloon

Take Home Style

  • VIC
  • The Little Bar
  • 35 Hai Ba Trung
  • 51 Hai Ba Trung

Expat Style (girls speak English, never quite as cute)

  • Ginger 60 (by far my favorite expat bar)
  • Voodoo
  • #5 Bar
  • M52 – better of late

Night Clubs (Discos as the locals call them)

Hip Hop

  • Lush
  • Velvet
  • Fuse
  • Apocolypse Now (Barely makes my list – late night option with the best sausage dish in town)
  • Chill
  • Go2 (Barely makes my list – late night option)

Dance / Techno

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