Lac Thai

Lạc Thái is definitely my favorite Thai restaurant in town.  It’s a bit on the pricey side for Vietnam but, if you’re used to Western pricing, it will still come across as a bargain to you.  Some excellent dishes are the Phad Thai (120,000VND / $6), Tom Yum Koong (120,000 VND / $6, Chicken Satay (100,000 VND / $5.50), Phad Kee Mao (120,000 VND / $6), Yam Woon Seng (110,000 VND / $6) and my favorite the Sea Bass (230,000VND / $12).  The Sea Bass is so good with a nice lemon flavor to it.  If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of heads and skin you can ask them to fillet it for you. The service here is pretty good, most of the staff can speak enough English to get by.  Ambiance is average at the original location.  The new place up the street has definitely got more flair to it.  I don’t go to that one too often as I”m pretty comfortable with the staff I know and they tend to get my food right.  I will track down the address though and update this post, my guess is it’s around 16 Mac Thi Buoi.  This is definitely a restaurant so you won’t find much in the way of entertainment here.  It is a trendy place for singers and models though so you may see some cuties roll through!

  • Pricing — $6 – $15 per dish
  • Atmosphere – 7/10
  • Food – 9/10
  • Service – 9/10
  • Entertainment Value – 0/10
  • Address – 72/1 Mac Thị Bười Street – Q1 – Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone – 08 3823 7506
  • Email –

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