Rose Bar

Rose Bar

Rose Bar - From Their Website

The Rose Bar is one of the most popular expat places.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the girls there (performance wise) but, my own personal experience was pretty good… It’s a typical Phnom Penh bar.  Pool table in back, decor is just casual, tvs with events like the World Cup playing, etc.  The owner actually has a couple locations, the other one is called the Pussy Cat Doll on 136 street so don’t be surprised if you run into the same girls at both places sometimes.  The street has about 8 bars, be careful though, two are lady boy bars, which, you may or may not be into!

I like Rose although I can’t say I like it that much better than any of the other places you could go in Phnom Penh.  One cool thing about it is they actually have their own guest house on top.  I’ve never tried it but they do have a site with more info.

The Low Down

  • Price – Standard – $2-$3 per drinks, $10 bar fine, $25-$30 for an overnight stay (not sure about their guest room costs)
  • Ambiance – Casual, typical Phnom Penh bar scene
  • Girls – Ok, again, pretty typical, a couple cuties, most average 6/10
  • Website –

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