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I went back to the states for a month and I think that’s what got me in a writing funk as there is next to nothing to do in my hometown.  I happened to see Coolio at my buddy’s bar and that was probably the most god-awful thing i’ve ever seen.  Well, until I went to Shampoo in Manila last weekend.  I did take a trip to Vegas and the Rehab party at the Hard Rock was cool but it’s so far lost in my drunken memory that i can’t write much on it.  I have started collecting business cards as I figure a scanned version would be a nice touch for you guys to download and give to cabs.  I will get an admin to work on this and will get them all scanned in once I figure out how best to organize.

Since my last post I went to:

Hua Hin – Thailand — this place is quiet.  A few bars, some really nice (but not cute girls) and one amazing Italian restaurant called Lo Stivale located at 132 Naresdamri Rd right across from the Hilton.  I can’t say enough about this place, old skool Italian guy cooking up a storm.  If you want a relaxing trip with a decent beach and a little fun to be had, Hua Hin is not a bad place to go.  Bar fines are really cheap and it’s just real laid back and friendly.

Vung Tau – Vietnam — If you want to hit up a local style beach and have a lot of bars to party and find girls, Vung Tao is the place.  It’s a quick 1.5 hour boat ride from Saigon so you can easily bolt over and do 1-2 nights.  If you want a decent cheap hotel, check out Vitamin C located at 18 Nguyen Truong To Street – The number is (+064) 3553 738.  There is a wild karaoke / massage place called the Pacific Club located at 4 Ly Tu Trong street.  You can get a karaoke room, get wasted, then go over to massage and, well, you know… I didn’t think too highly of any of the bars.  They were ok, but all pretty much the same, fun, drunk nights with decent girls.  Good place to party, not a place to find top talent

Bangkok — Hung out on Soi Cowboy a bit as well as Soy 33.  BKK is, well, BKK.  Found an awesome bar called Mojos on Soi 33.  — — girls were smoking, food was good, live band, not a bad combo.  I also highly recommend the IStyle Trend hotel which you can book on  Top notch and i paid < $50 a night.

Angeles City — Ah, yes, i went back with my boy Big Mal and his even bigger boy, E.  3 nights there almost killed me.  I pretty much stuck with a few spots again, Atlantis, Forbidden City, Genesis, and few others i can’t remember.  This trip caused me to want to change the name of my blog as my new motto is Two Bitches and a Bottle — And it’s affordable in Angeles!  I stayed at the Wild Orchid because everything was sold out and it was weak.  For $100 a night the only good part was the pool.  The service sucked, food sucked, and they are putting additional floors on the building so it was extremely loud from noon til 10pm.  My sleeping hours!

My boys are in Pattaya now so I”ll try to get a guest post out of them.  Next month i’m headed to Guangzhou for the Asia games and possibly Bali so I’ll be sure to get more posts going.  I have a lot of pages to update in my business section so I”ll be primarily working on that until November.

peace love and happiness will all happen if you get out of the US


Angeles City – Day One

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For Vegetarians?

For Vegetarians?

We took a flight from Saigon which was about 2 hours on Philippine airlines.  You know you are on an Asian airline when you see a food item that says “A great choice for vegetarians… stuffed with chopped prawns and minced pork…”  uh?  I digress…
Upon landing we immediately hopped in a car which we pre-arranged from the restaurant Margaritaville which someone recommended on Trip Advisor.  This cost us 2750 Pesos ($60 USD).  The driver was great and was pretty heavy on the pedal which I can appreciate.  The drive is about 2 hours so all in all we had about a 5 hour journey to get here.  Man, was it worth it… This place is off the chain.  I’m gonna have to write more after my massage but, here is a quick recap of the night.

Got to the Hotel Royal Amsterdam, checked in pretty quick, them met up with a buddy who traveled separately at a bar called Insomnia.  It was a smaller, gogo style bar. Drinks were 95 Pesos ($2 USD).  My boy was into throwing the ping pong balls at the girls.  Same little dealio they do in Bangkok where the girls get a little bit of money if they catch them.  I don’t know, not my favorite thing to do especially when the bill on that came to 400 pesos ($8).  I’d rather just tip out girls I like.  After Insomnia, we bounced to a few bars, which were not worth mentioning, before we ended up atAtlantisAtlantis is a NICE bar, huge at that.  It is two levels and lays claims to over 100 girls.  Two of my boys ended up taking girls home at a 1500 Pesos ($32 USD) bar fine.  Tips were about 1000 Pesos ($21).  The girls typically keep half the bar fine from what i understand.  My final stop of the night (after hopping about 15 bars) was the Forbidden City.  This is one of the newer bars in town with a very Chinese like theme as the name would state.  The girls were really friendly and not push at all about money which is something I really like about the PI and Cambodia vs. say Vietnam.  I ended up taking this little cutie named Linh home and man, it was good… Bar fine here was a bit more though, 2500 Pesos ($54 USD) and i tipped 1000 Pesos ($21).  She stayed the night, seemed to really like sex and I took her to SM Mall the next day for some food and a little Filipino Idol…

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