Highlands Coffee

Highlands is definitely the most well known of the coffee shops here in Saigon, and across Vietnam. It’s about as average as coffee can get.  They have an assortment of Western style drinks such as Mocha’s and Lattes, and, of course, they serve a pretty weak rendition of the Vietnamese iced coffee, Cà fê Sữ đá.  The good thing about Highlands is it’s pretty consistent.  You can get some decent drinks, ice cream, desserts and food.  It’s definitely a clean, safe option if you’re travelling with a little stomach sickness.  It makes my recommendation list for 2 reasons:

  1. The spaghetti bolognese is actually really good (relatively speaking for Asia)
  2. The Saigon Center location is a pretty hip place to hang out.

If you’re looking to meet girls, this isn’t the best spot as

  • Pricing — $6 – $15 per dish
  • Atmosphere – 7/10
  • Food – 9/10
  • Service – 9/10
  • Entertainment Value – 0/10
  • Address – 72/1 Mac Thị Bười Street – Q1 – Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone – 08 3823 7506
  • Email – Lacthai@hotmail.com

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