Le Duyen 4

Le Duyen 4 is on my top 5 list of places to go in Saigon, period… It’s basically a men’s salon where anyone of 50+ hot girls will take care of you with a facial, massage, manicure, hair cut, food service etc.. You can literally just go there and hang out, which, I do all the time!  The VIP rooms are not really necessary unless you want to max out for a couple hours and watch TV.  Le Duyen is my favorite spot to go the day after drinking. Typically, I’ll get a VIP room, have my girl bring me some Pho, kick back, get my massage, watch some boxing and straight lounge out.  Every now and then when I want to indulge I’ll get two girls to rub me down.  We’ve also thrown down over there as well, getting a bottle of vodka, eating, bumping some jams, etc… The girls won’t drink liquor but, some will still have a good time.

With all that said, there is no freaky play here… well, sort of (check out my post for that odd day). The girls are master flirts but it’s really tough to get anywhere with them.  Coffee is probably your best bet or possibly karaoke.  On a rare occasion you can get them to go clubbing, but it is rare.  What you will get though is completely pampered for 1-2 hours and I have yet to take anyone there who wasn’t satisfied.  My dad went 12/14 days he was in Saigon last trip!

The Low Down

  • Address Truong Dinh and Nguyen Du (note, there are 5 locations, but to me, Le Duyen 4 is the best)
  • Girls – 8/10 (about 50+ work there)
  • Price – 120,000 VND ($6.50 USD) for hair wash and massage — Tip, usually 200,000 VND ($11). Manicure / pedicure about 50,000 VND ($3).
  • No Happy Endings 🙂

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