A few tips on jet lag

February 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

I travel back and forth from the US to Asia every few months and jet lag has always been a bitch.  This past trip though was the easiest one i’ve ever had.  i’ve attributed it to the following:

1. Don’t eat much initially.  I found that not eating as much helps me stay more alert during those first few days. I especially don’t each much in the morning as I think before my body would interpret that meal more as dinner and i’d get tired.  Also, coffee has much more affect on a semi-empty stomach.

2. power through it, go out your first night and have a few drinks, you will sleep better

3. drugs — while i’m not a big proponent of pills, i find that popping a sleeping pill on your first two nights will help you sleep through the night.  this is usually the biggest issue as your body wants to act like it’s a nap.

4. exercise in the morning — this trip i forced myself to the gym in the morning.  30 minutes of cardio and some light weights (usually that’s all there is in hotels) seems to do the trick and get the blood flowing in the AM

5. never, ever nap…

happy travels!

happy jet setting


§ One Response to A few tips on jet lag

  • DeeLee says:

    Been awhile since any new blogs bro. I’m heading back to Vn real in april. Would love to have a few drinks and swaps some stories mate if your still around then.

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