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My Dream - Brazilian Asian Mix... So You have an idea of my tastes 🙂

This blog is my humble attempt at sharing my travel experiences which i hope to broaden over the next few years.  I will probably expand into personal views and maybe even some business lessons learned for those that want to actually open up something abroad.  Until I”m out of the software business completely and not dealing with corporate schmucks anymore I have to keep my full identity concealed as I have some views that may not be appreciated by some of the clients who pay my bills… I’m really hoping 2010 is the last year so I can spend my time travelling and working on digital products for Asia.

A little about myself… I spent most of my early years travelling.  My pops was military which enabled me to check out some pretty cool spots around the world.  He was also an English major so I spent a fair amount of my time learning the English language when I was young. Granted, my grammar kinda sucks now but, I think it’s still legible!

I have a unique perspective on things as I spent a lifetime playing sports, 7 years working in the night club industry, and about 10 years in the software industry.  I guess you can say i’m a confused jock torn between the worlds of an IT Geek and a hard core partier.

I currently live in Saigon, Vietnam and spent about 3 months a year in my home town of Seattle, WA.

I’m 37, so old enough to have seen some things, young enough to hopefully not be outdated.

The things i like most:

partying | reading | women | food | vodka | travel

The things i like least:

building software | sleezy old tourists | hypocritical people | onions

Hopefully you find this blog has some useful tips that will help you enjoy your travels around the world, laugh at some of my crazy thoughts, and dwell on some of my thought provoking ideas.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to set up this blog as well so bare with me as I work it out.  I predict by 2011 it will be a great resource with some pretty cool travel destinations (gunning for 20 countries) outlined.

It is mainly for guys so i apologize if any lady readers are offended!

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