Antel Spa Resort – Serenity Tower

The View

The View

This was an awesome deal.  We were originally booked in the Makati palace but it was garbage.  I booked it on for only $55 a night and it was a steal.  This is a very modern hotel being only 3 months old at the date of this post.  Staff, especially Jewel was very friendly and helpful.  The rooms themselves were a little small but, the combination of new, great views, and awesome amenities (gym and pool) made for a great stay.  They also offered free internet but only for 400 minutes.  If you’re on the internet in your hotel more than that you have a problem anyway.  As I always have to work when I travel, I did take advantage of that and also spent some time at the nearby Coffee Bean.  My guess is these rates are not going to last.  Probably just an intro as they aren’t fully opened yet with the Spa coming in the fall.  I”d stay here for $100 a night no problem.  Much more than that might exceed my budget.

One other thing I liked about it was that it’s just far enough outside the red light district for peace but close enough to walk if you want to get your proper freak on.  There is a shopping plaza as part of the complex which has a bunch of restaurants so you’re good to go.  For 24 hour dining there is a Wendy’s across the street, a GREAT noodle shop 1 block to the right and McDonalds and Jollibee about 3 blocks to the right.  And, take a left on Makati and you’ll end up at an awesome Filipino restaurant called Barrio Fiesta

The Low Down

Address: 7829 Makati Avenue
Phone: +632 4030888


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