Asian Entertaiment

Asian Entertainment is a large “Club Theater” with “KTV”. It is a SUPER high end place for Philippines standards and you shouldn’t even bother if you’re on a budget or you’re not going to have a good time.  The gist of the place is you pay a cover, get a bottle and a nice couch area facing a large stage.  On stage they do a very classy strip show which the girls alternate through.  The mommy will offer you a choice of girls, or, you can just wait and when you see one you like dancing you can request them.  As you can see from the prices below, it’s not cheap if you want female company, but, it is probably the best selection of girls in town.  If you’re trying to conserve cash, be careful for all the little things that add up really quick like the hourly girl rate, the guy dressed like a nurse that gives you a shoulder rub, the bathroom attendant with the warm towel who wipes down your neck while you wash your hands, cokes, water, food, etc…

They do take credit cards for all fees except the 4000 Pesos charge to take a girl in a room for sex.  I ended up walking out of there about $300 poorer after the night, but, I’d have to say if  money is not an issue, then it’s well worth the cost.

Sorry guys, no pics here as they even take your phones at the front door if you have a camera on it…

The Low Down

  • Address: 701 Roxas Blvd. Baclaran | Paranaque City
  • Phone: 0919 516 3592 (ask for Julie Chavez)
  • Price Point – $100 + per person – 650 peso ($14 USD) cover.  Bottle – 3000 +++ Pesos ($46 upwards). Chasers are about 300 Pesos ($6.50). Girls – 875 pesos ($19 USD)  per hour includes their juice. KTV room – 1000 pesos ($15 USD) – Sex – 4000 pesos – ($86 USD) + room fee + tip + girl drink.
  • Atmosphere – Excellent – great service, very clean
  • Girls – Smoking hot

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