Four types of massage to choose from which will cost you between $10 to $50 including tip depending on how you roll.  I wrote a post about this before I really got around to doing page reviews for each place.  Hoping by the end of June to have this section all updated.

Spa Style

  • Spa at the Manor

Salon Style

  • Le Duyen 4
  • D Max
  • Duyen Dang

Foot Massage

  • Yuan

Rub and Tug

  • Vien Dong
  • Rona Massage
  • My Anh

§ 3 Responses to Massage

  • Nicotine : says:

    i always get a foot massage coz i find it very relaxing and soothing-.`

  • Warrier says:

    Vien dong girls are pretty and always at the end give you a special but will cost you 200000 to 300000 dong. If u do it at Bon sent hotel, over there they offer blow job as special but ask for one million dong!

    • thejughunter says:

      nice, i didn’t know you could get a little something extra at the bon sen hotel. i’ve been liking vien dong more and more lately.

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