To Share or Not To Share

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

2guys1girlFriday night started out with an interesting conversation at a little expat bar called Voodoo.  The philosophy of sharing girls came up as we made plans for karaoke later at 6B.  My buddies Sven the Swede and Dino met a girl two trips back with some hot daisy dukes on.  That night Sven had already chosen when little daisy dukes came in so she ended up sitting with Dino. They exchanged numbers.  The next day over some beers, Sven told Dino that he had gotten Daisy Dukes phone number when Dino went to take a leak…

Now, if this was you, would you be upset?  My advice to you is if you’re travelling in Asia or any other place where the hosted scene is running rampant your motto should be share and share alike!  Keep in mind as soon as you leave, the girl you just had a blast with and possibly fell for is gonna be sitting with someone else.  So if that’s the case and you find a good one, it might as well be your friend.

So after we all agreed we rolled over to 6B karaoke again.  This time, Sven had already called daisy dukes so she was waiting for us out front.  This time though she had a dress on and it just did not do her the proper justice.  So Sven did what any good customer should do, he sat with two girls!  6B was a lot of fun… 2 bottles later we were downstairs at the club.  The one bad thing about 6B is that the karaoke rooms and the club are different owners so the girls we liked from up above couldn’t go down clubbing with us.  But… the beauty of Vietnam is there are always more girls.  I ended up hooking up with a real cutie.  Unfortunately, this is about the end of my memory as by that point we were three bottles in!  I do remember seeing about 6 girls from Le Duyen massage which was cool.  i had a few drinks with them and the two guys who brought them there.


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