The Lazy Eyed Killa

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

Lazy Eyed KillaHalloween weekend has gotten to be a pretty fun time to be in Saigon.  The Vietnamese have really taken to the holiday and clubs are putting on some decent parties. If you’re looking for a time to come out here, I recommend it.  It’s not as busy yet with the VK tourists, weather is cooler and there are a lot of parties around the American Holiday.  Only drawback is it’s a little rainy.  If you’re like me though, you don’t do a whole lot outside and personally, I’d trade the rain for the mobs of tourists anyday.

Personally, I didn’t really do a whole lot as I’ve been keeping it on the DL a bit — the j.o.b really inhibits my blogging ambitions.  The Sunday night of Halloween though my boy Big Mal came back from his sex tour, I mean sight-seeing holiday of the PI, Thailand and Cambodia. On cue, he was ready to roll with one of his boys he met in Brazil, Bigger E, who could be the biggest guy to ever hit Vietnam.  I figured we’d check out the “Sexy” Halloween party at Lush where it’s pretty easy for me to get a good table.  And, of course, every new person to town has to start off at my favorite joint Tram Trim, the Vietnamese Hooters.  After about 15 minutes of drinking, I noticed a new girl I hadn’t seen before that was looking real nice from a distance.  The body was absolutely ripe (the pic doesn’t really do her justice as the booty was off the chain…  My boys, especially Bigger E, were all about it so I called her over for a little drink.  Turns out she had only been working there for 3 weeks so she had that fresh innocence about her.  After some random chit chat, she wandered back to the table she was serving and my boy the Hit Man was like “damn, she’s cross eyed”!  Bigger E couldn’t believe it as his eyes never got past her rack.  Upon further inspection though, turns out it was just a lazy eye!

Lazy Eye or not, she still had a killa body and nice skin so on my request, the Hit Man got her digits and invited her out to the club with us.  Which, get’s me to the point of this blog entry.  If you aren’t going straight pay for play, and, you are at a place where the girls are waitresses, hostesses, or even at karaoke, the best thing you can do is figure out how long they’ve worked there.  Typically, in the first few months, it’s still new.  Going out is fun, meeting people is fun and the money, while it’s still their objective, is not the only thing on their mind.  Once they pass that initial stage of intrigue, what you have left is a girl that’s hit on 3-5 times a day by scrubs, is tired of drinking with loser guys, and really just wants to make her money and bounce.  So if you want to try to prove you got game, are looking for the G.F.E. and aren’t trying to climb Mt. Everest, stick with newer girls.  The reverse of that is if you’re going pay for play and just want performance, remember, while there is some genetic influence on a girl’s sexual prowess, at the end of the day, Experience = Performance.

At Lush that night, the Lazy Eyed Killa showed up, but, so did my girlfriend which intensified my game 10 fold as she couldn’t stop looking my girl.  Her observations revealed four things: 1) she’s hot,  2) she was rocking  some nice clothes 3) she was rocking a new iphone, 4) we get along extremely well and she was smiling, laughing and dancing the whole time we were there.  Lesson #2, in Asia, girls’ don’t give a shit if you have a girlfriend or if you have other girls with you.  In fact, their competitive juices flow and, if you’ve got your girl laced properly, their jealousy flows as well. I paid another visit to Tram Trim as my new homie, the Bigger E wanted to do his last supper there.  I’d say with 90% confidence that if the Hit Man doesn’t do her first, I’ll probably have to when I get back from this two week trip to the desert, I mean the USA… Special Shout out to Season Three of Curb Your Enthusiasm – While I’m not a huge fan of the show, watch the Crazy Eyed Killa Episode and you’ll get 30 good minutes of laughter and an extra chuckle at the expense of my new found friend the Lazy Eyed Killa…


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  • John says:

    Hey, saw the same girl when mates and me went to tram chim and singled her out as one of the hottest. So any updates regarding her with you or your friends?

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