Angeles City – Day Two

June 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I must say, I had a lot of fun on Day One so, I was PSYCHED to get day two going… After the mall and some grub, we headed back to the hotel for a little r&r and of course, my previous blog post.  While I rarely get hangovers, I do tend to feel tired after six hours of travelling, 3 hours of drinking and 3 more hours of….   So, massage seemed like the best bet. About two blocks from the Royal Amsterdam (i’m bad with direction so, leave the hotel and turn left), I found a little spot called Aimee Massage.  I didn’t really know what to expect and, after three rounds the previous night I was actually happy to find it was a legit place with no freaky stuff.  The girl was pretty cute, although, the other girls there were a bit older and, well, not cute.  I definitely enjoyed the light oil and deep rub down.

Refreshed, I met up with my boy who was just people watching from the front of our hotel. He said after an hour of chilling outside, eating Chocolate Chex mix, he probably saw 50% of the girls working in town, including, both our girls from the previous night.  I guess the jeepney’s drop off on the far side of the hotel, by McDonalds and the majority of the bars are on the opposite side, so, they just walk right past… Good thing to keep in mind if you want to people watch is most good looking girls start between 5-7pm and leave between 3-4:30am. Later, he had another revelation… If you want to take a girl home, see a more realistic view of what you’re gonna get, and, don’t want to pay a bar fine, hang out on Fields street, ideally at a nice table like we had in front of our hotel, and just invite them in.

My night started looking for happy hour specials.  Seems about 1/2 the spots on the strip have a happy hour of some sort happy hour, usually about 25% off drinks.  Forbidden City had an all you can drink beer dealio, which, I don’t do but could definitely appeal to some of you out there. I had a few drinks up until 8pm (typical happy hour ending time), then headed back for a quick shower.  This is where it went slightly downhill, we literally went to about 10 other bars and, they all taste like chicken… Nothing too special.  Angel Witch which gets a lot of pub was pretty god awful.  So… we ended back at the two old faithfuls, Forbidden City and Atlantis, both of which did not fail to please.  Atlantis had some real cool shows which I’m in the process of posting up on my new youtube channel.  Forbidden City was also pretty cool with the shows.  I felt a bit bad leaving my girl from there as I really did have a good time the night before.  I thought for sure I was gonna hook up with her again until….  A waitress from Atlantis came calling,  All of us ended up with girls that night from Atlantis, although, none of us bar fined anyone,  as we just met up post 4am.  If you’re down to party late, that is the only way to go and, doesn’t seem too tough to pull off.  I had another amazing night with my little waitress friend.  Sadly, we had to leave the next day as we headed off to Manila


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