Angeles City – Day One

June 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

For Vegetarians?

For Vegetarians?

We took a flight from Saigon which was about 2 hours on Philippine airlines.  You know you are on an Asian airline when you see a food item that says “A great choice for vegetarians… stuffed with chopped prawns and minced pork…”  uh?  I digress…
Upon landing we immediately hopped in a car which we pre-arranged from the restaurant Margaritaville which someone recommended on Trip Advisor.  This cost us 2750 Pesos ($60 USD).  The driver was great and was pretty heavy on the pedal which I can appreciate.  The drive is about 2 hours so all in all we had about a 5 hour journey to get here.  Man, was it worth it… This place is off the chain.  I’m gonna have to write more after my massage but, here is a quick recap of the night.

Got to the Hotel Royal Amsterdam, checked in pretty quick, them met up with a buddy who traveled separately at a bar called Insomnia.  It was a smaller, gogo style bar. Drinks were 95 Pesos ($2 USD).  My boy was into throwing the ping pong balls at the girls.  Same little dealio they do in Bangkok where the girls get a little bit of money if they catch them.  I don’t know, not my favorite thing to do especially when the bill on that came to 400 pesos ($8).  I’d rather just tip out girls I like.  After Insomnia, we bounced to a few bars, which were not worth mentioning, before we ended up atAtlantisAtlantis is a NICE bar, huge at that.  It is two levels and lays claims to over 100 girls.  Two of my boys ended up taking girls home at a 1500 Pesos ($32 USD) bar fine.  Tips were about 1000 Pesos ($21).  The girls typically keep half the bar fine from what i understand.  My final stop of the night (after hopping about 15 bars) was the Forbidden City.  This is one of the newer bars in town with a very Chinese like theme as the name would state.  The girls were really friendly and not push at all about money which is something I really like about the PI and Cambodia vs. say Vietnam.  I ended up taking this little cutie named Linh home and man, it was good… Bar fine here was a bit more though, 2500 Pesos ($54 USD) and i tipped 1000 Pesos ($21).  She stayed the night, seemed to really like sex and I took her to SM Mall the next day for some food and a little Filipino Idol…


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