Not Your Typical Saturday Night in Saigon

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Interesting Party Concept in Saigon

I woke up late on Sunday angry because i thought i missed the Laker’s game.  Called my girl, she said, “is it Sunday” (meaning, is the game on Sunday) and i responded, “i’m so stupid, today is only Saturday”… She was confused but I was so convincing I had her believing it was still Saturday… Then i realized, there is no way an all day pool party could have been on Friday night?  Anyway, that’s how messed up we got the night before!

A week before i saw this post for a pool party.  Sounded interesting but, I was a bit wary as those are usually expat central which means, lots of loud foreigners and typically much uglier girls.  My buddy hit me up though on the day of and suggested we check it out.  I was like, “are you kidding, it’s raining”, to which he responded “what else are we gonna do?”.  At 5 in the afternoon on a Saturday, it was a point well taken.  So, we rolled out there, paid our 250,000 (about $13) VND to get in and checked it out… What didn’t surprise me was there were almost no people there.  The pleasant surprise was that out of the 50 people there, 35 were probably girls!  The other nice thing was a bottle of SKY Vodka with 4 chaser cans was only 450,000VND ($23).  Say no more!  We posted up on some lawn chairs under a tarp, chatted up some of the PR girls and had a pretty fun time.  There was supposed to be a bikini contest which we never saw.  Typical in Vietnam, they schedule a million things for an event, then, everything is either late, or just doesn’t happen.  The highlight of the night was my buddy picking up our waitress and jumping in the pool… Good times.  I don’t personally know the guys who threw this event, but, you can keep up with them online, info below.

We left there about 7:30pm, went back to my place for a quick shower and, of course, some Hangar Lime for the road, then headed off to VIP Karaoke where we had an expiring bottle.  If you’re staying in Vietnam for an extended time, keep an eye out for the expiration dates on any bottles you leave as they are usually 1 to 3 months. VIP Karaoke is a bit on the upscale side.  Nice, pretty classy.  The girls sit with you and drink but are typically not take home girls.  If you’ve got enough game, you might be able to talk them into going out with you… Getting a phone number is par for the course so don’t get too excited about that.  Most places the girls make money when you book a room/table with them so, expect them to call you.  You know you got game if they actually go hang out with you and don’t just call to say “i miss you, i want to see you, you come here”.

One more bottle later, my buddy talked me into going to X Club, a hot, trendy, local Vietnamese style club.  Loud techno / dance music is par for the course at these places.  Girls are pretty hot but, it’s a bit hard to meet them as they are usually in groups and, if they can afford to go there are either prostitutes or have some guys footing the bill.  We had a couple bottles already so it was all to the good.  The place is expensive though.  Chasers are about $4 each can, bottles anywhere from $80-$300 each.  Fruit plates and things of that nature will really add up too so if you’re on a budget, be careful what you are ordering.

Venue Details

Wet and Wild Pool Party –

VIP Karaoke

  • Address — not exactly sure — on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street about 1 block from Cach Manh Tang 8

X Club (also known to the locals  as 030 (khong ba khong)

  • Address: 58, Ton That Thiep Street, District 1

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